Saturday, July 23, 2005

Legend of "Botak Chin" (Tok Raja's Pidtta)

According to Malaysian high-profile criminal records, "Botak Chin" as he was widely known, was a notorious gangster and robber of the 1970s. He was criticized by the authorities for being a self-styled "Robin Hood".

It was rumoured that "Botak Chin" wore a 2480BE (ie: 1937 AD) batch Tok Raja pidtta and takrut( a kind of encased spell scroll, also made by Tok Raja). So whenever the police tried to arrest "Botak Chin", he could always suddenly disappear or be able to evade their vision.

It was believed this was because of the power brought by the Tok Raja pidtta. Pidttas are known to provide great protection, avoid danger and the ability to run off from your enemy(Pidtta used 2 hands to close eyes and face). "Botak Chin" was also rumoured to be invulnerable to bullets and weapons such as knives.

After repeated failures to arrest "Botak Chin", the Police had no choice but to seek Tok Raja for help. It was believed that with Tok Raja's assistance, the police finally managed to apprehend "Botak Chin".

For his notorious crimes, "Botak Chin" was sentenced by the Malaysian courts to execution by hanging.

"Botak Chin" had a final request: that he be allowed to wear his Tok Raja Pidtta during the execution.

The judger denied his request but promised to return him his Pidtta after it is confirmed that he is really dead.

After this high-profile incident of abuse, Tok Raja did not like to give out Pidtta amulets to the public. He did not want the public to abuse the power of this amulet. Tok Raja thus only gave the Pidtta amulet to whom he trusted. This remained so until Tok Raja passed away.

Tok Raja's Pidtta amulets are highly sought after by those doing 'informal' businesses like discotheques and pubs (for eg, the owners, managers and bouncers of discotheques and pubs), loan-sharking, drug-smuggling, running gambling dens and so on.

The Pidtta 2480BE made by Tok Raja can said to be the Pidtta king ofPidtta amulets. Amulet collectors also eagerly seek this Pidtta amulet because this batch of amulets is reputedly effective for wearing (ie: it is powerful), and worth it to collect(it has amulet collector's monetary investment value).

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