Saturday, July 23, 2005

Tok Raja Pidtta

For Malaysians in the amulet circle, the Tok Raja needs no introduction. He is well known and even well respected by the Sultan of Kelantan.

Here is some information I got from a Singaporean Thai amulet forum (with major editing by me for stlye and expression):

In the jungles of Malaysia and Thailand, there is a kind of tree which can release a kind of gas to protect itself. In Malaysia, it is known literally as the "Paint Tree"(translated from Mandarin). This kind of tree has a natural mechanism in protecting itself: it will release a kind of acidic gas that keeps human beings and wild animals away. It is a sophisticated form of natural chemical warfare and protective mechanism. If a human passes-by the tree, his body will feel itchy and swollen.

The sap (liquid) of "paint tree" is red in color, and when it dries, it will turn into black. If a human being uses his hands to touch the sap of the tree, he will feel hurt by what feels like hot acid. In serious cases, his skin will be burnt.

Tok Raja planned to use the sap of this particular tree to make amulets. He believed that since this kind of tree is good in self-protection, if he used the sap, together with his own powerful chant in the process of amulet-creation, these amulets would bring great protection to the wearer.

Therefore, Tok Raja decided to use the sap of the "Paint Tree" to make pidtta amulets because he knows pidtta can bring great protection and avoidance of danger by its wearer. The Pidtta mould/design of amulets by itself is supposed to grant the wearer protective powers.

It was believed that when Tok Raja used his own hands (without protective gloves) to get the sap (liquid) from the "paint tree", he was not hurt by the sap's acid, and the amulet(made by the sap of "Paint Tree") wearer will also not have any infection on his skin.

As Pidtta Amulet (from "Paint Tree" sap) was made by Tok Raja personally with his own hands (and not mass-produced by factories), the quantity of these amulets is relatively small, and its price consequently high.

Disclaimer: I am in no way suggesting that the above story is factually true. One may regard it as a popular rumour that has been circulating. This is not to say that rumours have no element of truth =)

I first heard of the legend of this amulet from a private collector (who has since become my friend) by the name of "Johnson". From what I gather, this is a widely circulated story in amulet circles (and perhaps also by the general Malaysian public at large) during that time in the 1970s and 1980s.

Since I do not have permission from the owner (who purports to own a genuine piece of this amulet) to publish the photo of this particular amulet, due to the need to uphold copyright laws, it is unfortunate that I am not able to show its photo here.

However, I am able to show you my friend's (Johnson) pidtta which according to him has been blessed by Tok Raja (please note that Tok Raja probably did not make this amulet, but it is stated by my friend that the great guru blessed it).

(Johnson's pidtta that is believed to have been blessed by Tok Raja; copyright of photo is owned by me)

This photo was taken at a coffee shop in Bugis. I met Johnson and his (then) fiance (now his wife) there. This explains why the photo isn't very well-taken.

According to Wayne (another friend of mine), this amulet has a strong sucking power, which seems to substantiate the claim that it was blessed by Tok Raja. Not many gurus are able to bless amulets to the extent of such power that has been felt by Wayne. My friend Wayne has the ability to "feel" the power of amulets and other blessed items. His ability is such that at times he could see images in his mind when he is in the process of "feeling" the amulet's power. When Wayne first felt the power of this amulet, he was surprised by the "strong sucking" force of it. It is believed by some amulet hobbyists that pidttas absorb luck (both good and bad). This view appears to be somewhat substantiated.

Another interesting thing I wish to relate about this amulet is: Johnson's supernaturnal experience while wearing it. He has described to me that the amulet has functioned for him as a form of "Blue Tooth" (wireless handphone). He has told me that while he was wearing it, once he could hear his handphone ringing even though it had been put to silent mode and it was a distance away in a gym locker. Johnson was then having a gym workout.

On another occasion, while he was wearing the amulet, he asked his friend to verify if his handphone (which has been put to silent and non-vibrating mode) was ringing. His friend was astonished about how he knew about it. He attributed it to this amulet he was wearing. When I asked him what did the ringing sound like, he described it as a sort of normal handphone ringing tone that is somewhat faint yet audible that resonated in his mind.

Just in case the cynical reader might think that I am advertising for this amulet, let me assure you that I am not. In fact, because I believe that it is a powerful amulet, I have made known to Johnson to consider selling it to me should he wish to let it go. (In other words, I want this amulet for myself hehe =) )

He was initially willing to sell it to me. But he changed his mind when he tested its power again.

The latest news I heard is that he is reconsidering selling it (one of the reasons being, he wished to get back some money to help out with his wedding expenses), but to another friend of his who is willing to pay more than what I am prepared to. I hope his friend doesn't get this amulet from him as I wish to have it myself =)

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